Jaime Iniesta

Elixir Backend Engineer

I'm a backend engineer currently focused on writing web applications and APIs using Elixir, Phoenix, LiveView and Oban.

Elixir / Phoenix

Elixir has been my language of choice since 2016 when I attended the ElixirConf.EU conference in Berlin and became in love with the language and platform.

Since then, I've worked with companies like Steady, Stuart and Hearts Radiant, building Elixir services and APIs that integrate with their platforms.

I enjoy participating in the healthy open-source communities that grow around Elixir, like Elixir School where I've written lessons and helped improve the accessibility of the site. Recently I've joined Exercism where I'm offering help as an Elixir mentor.

Rocket Validator

Elixir is also at the core of my project Rocket Validator - an automated web crawler that validates large sites, checking each web page for HTML and accessibility issues.

Rocket Validator is composed of a main Elixir / Phoenix app that uses Oban to handle the background queue and LiveView to provide real-time updates on the UI. It communicates with Node.JS services running on AWS Lambda and the W3C Validator running on Docker instances to coordinate the web page checks. A JSON API provides tools to integrate into custom client workflows.

Offered as a subscription-based SaaS, Rocket Validator is used by developers, companies and organizations worldwide, including the Agência para a Modernização Administrativa in Portugal or the Australian Web Awards.

Ruby icon Ruby / Rails

I fell in love with Ruby on Rails in 2005, and it has been a really important phase of my professional development.

I co-funded early Ruby communities like the Spanish Ruby Users Group, Spain.rb, and organized international conferences like Conferencia Rails and EuRuKo.

I've had the pleasure to work as an independent consultant for companies like
BeBanjo, Localistico, We Heart It, Be Mate, Inbetsion, Herzio and Ameets Creatives.

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